Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge

The Long Way Tour


Brett Eldredge

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Music Touring

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Production Design

Lighting Design


Normal Studio (content). Fireplay.

Brett Eldredge is a Nashville artist with a crooner’s heart (and voice!)  When it was time for his first big production tour, his manager reached out to Kelly to make it special.   In collaboration with Fireplay, Kelly and Dom began working with Brett to create a vision for the set and a feel for the performance.  

Brett’s vision included a old-fashioned phone booth, a superhero character, a comfy leather sofa and a series of bar scenes…  The challenge for us was not only creating the physical and digital scenic assets –but bringing them all together into a fun, compelling storyline.   We were up for the challenge and deliveredBrett a cutting edge digital set in collaboration with Normal Studios at a scale never seen before.   The content and scenic melded into a magical set that transported Brett and his fans to different scenes through time and space.   Lighting was carefully crafted to enhance the digital sets – and Brett even brought lasers into the mix!

Brett totally owned the stage and drew his fans into the moment at every performance.  

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