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Live (Again) from the Hollywood Bowl

Dif•fer•ent [diff'erent]


 1.   not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature;
2.  not identical;
3.  not ordinary.

Lucent Edge is a DIFFERENT kind of entertaiment design studio:

Our designers have decades of experience, bundles of tour laminates and a collection of awards.
We’re spirited collaborators, seasoned inventors, and gifted storytellers.  
We design at the forefront of technology and technique.

But you've heard that before.

What makes Lucent Edge DIFFERENT from the pack?

We've come together to tell your story. It's our passion. It's what we believe.
We don’t outsource our presence. The people you know show up and deliver.  
We will be with you from first concept to last load-out.
We respect budgets and listen to your needs.

That's our Edge - it's why were DIFFERENT.

It’s time to collaborate, make something wonderful, and create lasting memories for your fans.

So let’s chat. 

You bring the story.
We bring the edge.

Meet the team.

We’re a team of individuals with unique talents and diverse backgrounds who came together to create something different in a design studio.   We wholeheartedly believe that the most important story is truly yours.  We simply draw upon the depth of our unique experience to help you tell it.  

Our core tenets revolve around you. We chart a path to success as a team. Only then can we begin sketching, designing, and programming.  

Read our bio’s. You’ll quickly see why we make a natural team.  While diverse in our experience, we each strongly believe in relationships and collaboration.

It's time for people with similar mindsets to come together.  

It's time for a company like Lucent Edge.

Kelly Sticksel

Kelly Sticksel

Kelly Sticksel is a Texas-born and Texas-raised designer with a 30+ year career of creating special effects that simply didn’t exist before he sketched them…

With a passion for the spectacular, Sticksel brings years of development, inventing, and client relations to Lucent Edge’s team.  His pursuit of dropping jaws is unrivaled.  A true entrepreneurial developer at heart, Sticksel has started, built, and divested multiple entertainment-based businesses during his career.  With a genuine love of meeting new people, finding mutually winning solutions, and building lasting relationships in the process, Kelly is always hungry for his next collaboration as well as hearing the roar of the crowd at the next opening night.  

During his career, Kelly has had the honor of working with some of the entertainment industry’s most talented and recognized artists.  From Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood, and Jason Aldean to Roger Waters, Justin Timberlake, and Aerosmith, Kelly’s work has spanned multiple genres and earned him critical acclaim.

Kelly also brings to Lucent a longstanding career in corporate production, theme parks and dramatic theater, with clients that range from Oracle and Universal Studios to “Shrek” and “Spiderman – Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway.  

Kelly’s diverse experience and relationship-driven approach make him an integral part of the Lucent Edge team and his core values assimilate well into Lucent Edge’s client-centric foundation.  

Dom Smith

Dom Smith

Dominic Smith is an award-winning lighting and production designer who has been designing shows that create memories and influence emotions for more than 20 years.  He has created visually spectacular, emotive concert experiences for audiences all over the world.

Passionate about telling stories through his creations, Dominic brings his years of design experience and client-management skills to the Lucent Edge team.  He understands that the most important story doesn't belong to him and delights in collaborating with his clients to create incredible experiences that tell their stories.

Dominic truly sees light as a romantic language and continuously investigates ways to use it to influence emotion, divert or direct attention, and control a narrative.

His storied career includes work with some of the world's most successful artists, from Jason Aldean, Lady A and Brett Eldridge in Nashville to Billie Eillish, Thom Yorke, Blink 182, Pharrell Willams and Rihanna.

Dominic firmly believes that a cohesive narrative produces the best designs and results in the best show experience for both the client and the audience.  As a Founding Member of Lucent Edge, his overall outlook and client-centric approach greatly compliment our team and Lucent Edge's core values.

Alec Takahashi

Alec Takahashi

Alec Takahashi is an award-winning Lighting and Production Designer based out of Nashville, TN.   With years of invaluable experience under his belt, Alec gained his foundation in lighting design in the fast-paced world of worship lighting at Bayside Church in Northern CA where he served as Lighting Director/Designer.

From there, Alec became a freelance designer, with demand bringing his unique style and warm persona to numerous touring acts in the Nashville scene.

Since leaving California, he has enjoyed working with a wide range of popular artists that include: For King & Country, Casting Crowns, Jordan Feliz, Lincoln Brewster and Matt Maher.  

Alec also enjoys bringing his art to the corporate world, designing and lighting events for Chick Fil A and the Billy Graham Association.

Presently, he is the full-time Lighting Designer/Director for Nashville superstar, Thomas Rhett, after touring with TR at the board for the last few years.  

In 2023 Alec was honored to have won the Lighting Designer of the year Parnelli Award for his work with Thomas Rhett.

Alec brings to Lucent Edge a true collaborative spirit and a relationship-based outlook.  He truly represents the future of our industry.   His core values fit well within those of Lucent Edge and we are honored to call him a Founding Partner.

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