Jason Aldean performing live on stage during the Ride All Night Tour 2019.

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Jason Aldean

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Ride All Night Tour

Jason Aldean is Nashville royalty and has an incredibly loyal fan base.  When Jason performs, his fans may wear cowboy hats, but they expect a full-on rock show. So when management reached out to Kelly to design and program his upcoming Ride All Night tour,  the gloves came off.    

Working alongside Jason’s talented team and in collaboration with Fireplay, a concept was designed that centered on an eye-popping technique of using three-dimensional, forced perspective video backdrops.  The backdrops were to contain virtual lighting rigs that would meld the physica land virtual lighting cues.   Kelly pulled in Luz Studios from Montreal to flex their content muscles and they got to work modelling the environments we wanted.  

The final stage design consisted of a simple riser system that was completely surrounded(behind and above) with video panels. Luz then created virtual environments that included timber barns, drive-in movie houses, fields of corn and city-scapes that would place Jason and his band in lush and jaw dropping locales around the world.

Dom designed and programmed the lighting rig in collaboration with Jason’s longtime Lighting Director Keith Hogland, with Luz interfacing the virtual lighting rig to the GrandMA via Sockpuppet.  

The resulting show was spell binding and revolutionary for a Nashville act and played to packed houses throughout its run.    

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