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Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town approached Kelly in late 2019 with the desire to create something different  - something “cinematic”.  Fairchild wanted a show design that could capture the feel and vibrance of their new critically-acclaimed album “Nightfall.

With the wide-ranging styles of music on the album, Fairchild wanted a design that could start small and intimate, yet quickly transition into a massive expanse evoking the endless heavens above.  And.... (wait for it...) the package must tour in 1.5 trucks.  

The challenge was accepted and Kelly assembled a team of collaborators to go to work with Fairchild and create something truly amazing.  

The Nightfall tour checked all the boxes. With layers of theatrical scrim forming the set-defining optics, the stage centered around a massive, upstage‘portal’ that looked out into a projected expanse.  The portal was mirrored by acircular performance deck at center stage. Video content, created by Cour, Tantrum and Kelly was beautifully mapped to every layer of scrim – the magic sauce that transported the audience from place to place.  

The tour opened to a sold-out performance at the fabled Carnegie Hall and continued at the Apollo theater and onward from there.  A visually-stunning show to match a sonically stunning album.

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Shawn St Jean
The tour features the band’s most visually stimulating production yet...

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